My burn-out
My burn-out

What is maternal burnout?

parental and maternal bur-out

The role of the parent (mother or father) has evolved in recent decades. That change is the result of several movements such as positive education, for example, experienced by some parents as an imperative. But there are many more reasons why the parents’ role has changed so much : women work more and more, freedoms and opportunities for children have become broader and broader… Social networks have taken up our lives and upset family organizations… All these changes lead some to parental, whether maternal or paternal, burn out.

More and more mothers are now confronted with burn-out, which refers to a state of exhaustion linked to the mental, physical and emotional overload that a mother’s life sometimes involves.

Often overwhelmed by stress and anxiety, high ideals and the mental load that goes with them, these moms can easily fall into a burnout syndrome all the more so as, wishing to be perfect, they push their limits as far as possible. Although taboo, parental burnout is a reality of which many parents, especially mothers, are victims.

Burnout is therefore not restricted to the professional world, it also affects the private sphere.

Which women can suffer from maternal burnout?

As is the case for professional burnout, there is not ONE typical profile of parental burnout. Single mothers but also those living in a couple, with one or more children, working or not… all women can be concerned, regardless of age. This maternal exhaustion syndrome can also appear at any time, soon after the child’s birth or after several years.

However, certain elements can promote the onset of maternal burnout, such as close births, giving birth to twins, precarious situations, single mother situations.

– Single moms are indeed at the top of the list. They often have to combine work and children. They carry the whole burden on their shoulders and never take a break.

– In this category can also be found mothers who have little or no support from their spouse or relatives. In this case as well these mothers never have time to recharge their batteries.

– Women who combine their life as a mother with a job that is often very demanding and who have to juggle their different tasks and concerns can slide into burnout if they do not have the opportunity to take care of themselves or rest to recharge.

In this respect, do not hesitate to consult the article on the physiology of stress which explains why these “breaks” are essential for good health in a human being.

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