My burn-out
My burn-out

How does sophrology work?

Sophrology provides access to harmony between body and mind and thus creates a feeling of overall balance. We are going to find out how sophrology works and how it can help you manage stress, for example.

The tools available to the sophrologist

To achieve this balance, the sophrologist will offer you different practices:

  • Breathing exercises, to promote, among other things, the learning and mastery of abdominal breathing, a breathing which can soothe both body and mind.
  • Psycho-physical therapy exercises based in particular on relaxation, awareness of the body percept and mindfulness of the sensations and messages communicated by the body.
  • Positive visualization exercises
  • Meditation

All of these techniques will help you regain peacefulness, take a step back, focus on the positive rather than the negative and no longer be led by stress by learning to establish habits of relaxation.

what is sophrology
Principles of sophrology

You will quickly realize that while it is not always easy to change events or certain situations, it is up to you to experience and perceive them differently in order to be able to adapt to them. Sophrology will then allow you to no longer submit to events but to activate your abilities and your various resources to live them in the best possible way.

We have all experienced at one time or another the hamster spinning on its wheel that makes us brood and be in the doldrums. Sophrology is a perfect remedy against hamsters.

A tense mind is a tense body. This is called somatization. The reverse is also true. A tensed up body or a body in pain is also a mind under strain. The states of the body and the mind interpenetrate and influence each other.

If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change the way you see it.

By reducing physical tensions, sophrology paves the way for the relaxation of the mind. Similarly, by making it possible for the mind to let go, by bolstering a positive perspective, the body relaxes. It is this relaxation, this letting go, that silences our inner hamster.

Number of thoughts per day…

Sophrology, a positive impact on the body

Have you ever noticed that the French language is full of expressions referring to our emotions and feelings? In fact, each emotion is related to a part of the human body and will find an expression in physical sensations.

Here are a few …

  • “I am sick to the back teeth”. Stress has this particularity that it impacts our body and creates pain and tension. Releasing these tensions in this part of our body will help soothe back pain, contractures and lumbar discomfort.
  • “I get chills down my spine” is what we say when we’re afraid, for example.
  • “I have a lump in my throat” or when “it does not go through”. This expression is often used to express strong emotion or annoyance.
  • “I have a knot in my stomach” which can express sadness, anger, disgust and / or fear.
  • Our skin is also a vector for expressing emotions: being scared stiff, being red with anger, blushing with confusion etc. Who has not blushed with emotion, turned pale from fright? For some, these emotions will result in pimples or eczema.
  • What about migraines when we are tired or upset: feeling like your head is going to explode.

It is not a universal system, each person will have their own physical reactions to certain situations, but language does express certain constants.

Sophrology helps us to listen to our body and recognize its manifestations. This makes it easier to reduce its psychosomatic reactions. Once it is less strained, the body relaxes and this relaxation has a positive impact on many aspects of your life such as the quality of your sleep for example.

Sophrology, a positive impact for the mind

Thanks to visualization techniques, you will anchor more positive thoughts and reflexes within you which will boost significantly your self-confidence and your own self-esteem. By allowing you to take a step back, your outlook on life events will be more objective and far-sighted. You will then be more confident to make the necessary decisions and define the goals to be achieved.

Remember, repeated sophrology practices will gradually lead you to have an alert mind in a relaxed body. It will allow you to grant yourself rest breaks, even very short ones, to bring your body and your mind to rest and recharge.

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An entrepreneur and sophrologist, I graduated from CEAS in Paris and from the Sophrology Academy in Ashford, which is a member of FEPS (the Federation of Sophrology Centers), I specialized in issues of stress and burn-out. Do not hesitate to contact me, for any questions or request for support in sophrology.