My burn-out
My burn-out

Few words about me…

Véronique Bergeot, sophrologist specializing in stress and burn-out prevention

It is extremely difficult to talk about oneself, to paint one’s own portrait without falling into complacency, pathos or self-criticism. However, in the context of this project which is particularly close to my heart, it seems important to me to share with you the reasons which led me to create this site.

I am the mother of two little girls, and now a sophrologist specializing in issues of stress and burnout after a journey that has led me to seek a better balance between my personal and professional life because, as you might imagine, burnout is not unknown to me.

To make a long story short…

As with many, at the age of 30, my life accelerated.

After a few years of professional experience, my desire to recognize, to assert my skills and my need to take more responsibilities were felt at a time when motherhood was coming to an end.

At 30, I wanted everything, I had the energy for everything, I felt the strength of everything. I didn’t just think I had to make a choice and I didn’t even consider it.

Most men and women enter the workforce at the age of 25 as a junior. After a few years, new opportunities appear, more interesting and better paid… But for women, it is also the period when the desire for children becomes more pressing under the cross-effect of our hormones certainly, but also the pressure of family and social that reminds us that our biological clock is running…

In order not to have to choose between my personal life and my professional career, too often slowed down by our pregnancies, our maternity leave and other preconceptions, I created, with my spouse, a company that, I thought then, would allow me to combine in the best way, my professional aspirations with my wish to be a good mother.

How it happened…

As with many women, when I turned thirty, my life suddenly picked up speed.

I had a few years of professional experience by then, I yearned for recognition, I wanted to highlight my abilities and wished to take more responsibility, and it all came at a time when motherhood became also a realistic option.

At the age of thirty, I wanted everything, I had the energy for everything, I felt strong enough to do everything. I thought it was not fair that being a woman I might have to make a choice between my professional and my personal responsibilities and I didn’t even consider it.

Most men and women enter the workforce at the age of twenty-five as junior assistants. After a few years, new opportunities appear, more interesting and better paid … But for us women, it is also the period when we long to become mothers because of our hormones by all means, but also because of the pressure family and society wield on us by reminding us constantly that our biological clock is ticking…

To avoid having to choose between personal life and professional career, which is too often slowed down by pregnancies, maternity leaves and such in the case of women, I set up a business with my husband, which, at least I thought so at the time, was going to allow me to combine in the best possible way, my career objectives and my wish to be a good mom.

And here is what happened…

I will not go into all the details but these ten years were altogether intense, rich and … terribly tough years!

Our first daughter’s birth was a great joy but alas, also a great source of anguish as she had serious health problems. Then, our family was faced with several deaths … Add to this the stress of work to manage and grow our business knowing that the more a company grows, the more problems you have to solve …

Month after month, year after year, I felt that I was getting tired, that I was drawing on my reserves. I had the impression that I was getting closer to a red line, that I could literally see a chasm opening up in front of me. However, I was unable to react, to do otherwise. I was locked in denial, I refused to see what was obvious and repeated to myself every day: “I’m going to be fine … I can manage.”

I also had the impression that if I got help, if I eased the shell, if only a little, if I eased the armor that I had put on to be able to move forward and protect myself, I might fall down, collapse, and at the time, I really felt that I could not afford it.

And one day, obviously, my body said “stop”. If you are not reasonable enough, your body is bound to suffer from it, sooner or later, everyone knows that.

In my case, it turned out to be a stroke in its early stage.

And it wasn’t really until I ended up in the hospital, when the word « stroke » was spoken, when the people around me as well as the doctor started talking of a “burn-out” that I realized how exhausted I felt, how meaningless it all was, how much I had put myself in danger, how much I wanted to see my children grow up and to enjoy life more.

Slowly, I accepted and learned to listen to myself, to listen to my body without feeling guilty, without believing, as they all did in my family, that being attentive to my needs was to complain, that it was a sign of weakness and a waste of time… I allowed myself to take time for myself, to recognize that I was in pain although I had every material thing I could wish for.

Life after a burn-out…

I was at long last given the opportunity to put on the brakes, and put an end to the rat race … and I decided to give myself a new lease of life.

So I started doing sophrology. From the very first session, I understood that I was going through an incredible experience. “Oh, how weird, I had never realized that my jaws were clenched so tight.” , “I don’t really understand what’s going on, but it does me an awful lot of good.” I had found the right technique… for me!

I need to make a slight digression here: Yes, sophrology is a very effective method to fight against stress and burnout. I will obviously talk about it a lot because it is my job today. But, there may very well be another path, another solution for you, and that’s great! In my opinion, what matters is to understand how we work. Afterwards, everyone must find the method that suits them best.

For me, sophrology was a downright revelation, a breath of fresh air, something very concrete that helped me both to know myself and heal myself.

Let me tell you about my previous history in a few lines so you know the path that led me to become a Sophrologist.

An entrepreneur at heart, I like to create and develop endlessly but now I know my limits better, I can identify and respect them. Today, I am happy to be able to help people who are, or feel, trapped in this vicious circle.

My goal is to help all these people understand better how they function, to help them make room for a few moments during the week only for themselves, to recharge their batteries, I want to give them the tools so that they allow themselves to press the Off button when it is necessary… I want to give them all this essential knowledge so that they don’t collapse, so that they react before they cross the red line because it is only by knowing themselves, by knowing their own limits that everyone can find the right balance.

I hope this introduction has not been too long and that it will make you want to read, share, ask questions, through these articles and the discussion forum. In any case, do not hesitate to contact me and don’t forget to take a deep breath 🙂