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Welcome on My Burn-out

Welcome on this website My Burn-out!

This website is entirely dedicated to stress and burnout, our goal is to help you understand this syndrome which affects more and more people in both their professional and personal environment.

If you feel stressed out and bad-tempered, if you find it hard to concentrate, if you feel you have lost some of your momentum, your life force and zest for life, if you experience no more desire, no more pleasure, but physical pain and lack of sleep, stress may be the root of all evil. Take one of our free online burnout tests to assess your level of exhaustion.

Come and share your experiences on our community forum on stress and burnout (available on the french page only, but do not hesitate to post, I ‘ll answer). We will try to answer your questions over the course of the following articles.

We hope that this platform will be a real place of exchange and sharing, that it will provide everyone with the information necessary to understand the phenomena of stress and burnout – which by the way have nothing to do with nervous breakdown – that it will tell you how to avoid them. and how they can be treated.

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